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What is 7d Hifu Machine?

7d Hifu Machine uses HFI and MMFU technologies to generate high-energy focused ultrasound. It can quickly penetrate the epidermis and fat layers. Stimulates membrane contraction of the SMAS layer. Instantly let the skin tissue reach a high temperature of 6~T5C so that the skin produces a thermal coagulation effect. In the dermis and fascia layer, a network of coagulation points is formed, stimulating the contraction and firmness of fiber and collagen tissue, regeneration, and repair. Achieve layers of lifting and firming.

HFI is the abbreviation of High Intensity Focused. It is as penetrating and focusable as an ultrasonic scalpel. Therefore, ultrasound is used as the energy source to target the smas fascia layer directly. Achieve anti-aging firming effect. Our 7d Hifu Machine utilizes exactly this technology. So it has the same effect as the ultrasonic knife.

MMFU is the abbreviation of Macro & Micro Focused Ultrasound. It is a micro technique for the face and a macro technique for the body. That is to say, it can perform functions such as face lifting and body firming and shaping through non-surgical methods.

7d Hifu Machine  

Different probes specifications of 7d Hifu Machine:

1) 1.5mm probe

It works mainly on the epidermis. It has an obvious and effective effect on the improvement of lighter fine lines and skin tone, as well as shrinking pores.

2) 2mm probe

This is a professional eye probe. It is also the characteristic probe of our 7d Hifu Machine. It effectively lifts brows and reduces under-eye bags, crow's feet, and other fine lines.

3) 3mm probe

It can go directly to the dermis and promote the continuous proliferation of collagen. The reason why the skin rejuvenation effect can be achieved is that high-energy ultrasonic waves will form three-dimensional point-like damage in the dermis. Thereby stimulating the secretion of collagen in the dermis to achieve the effect of firming and rejuvenating the skin.

4) 4.5mm probe

The 4.5mm probe can directly reach the fascia layer, and tighten the muscle bottom to achieve the effect of firming and lifting.

5) 6mm and 9mm, 13mm probe

These three probes are mainly aimed at various parts of the body. Three different probes have a layered fat-melting effect on the thighs, arms, waist, and abdomen. Can destroy fat cells of different depths. For cellulite on the body, inner thighs, inner arms, and other loose parts due to fat accumulation. It can have the effect of melting fat and shaping.

7d Hifu Machine  

What are the benefits of the 7d Hifu Machine?

1. Smoothes wrinkles and improves skin texture

Through micro-focusing and macro-focusing through poly-lifting, it acts on the dermis and SMAS fascia layer of the face and body. Stimulate collagen to regenerate and lift loose skin. Reduces signs of aging and promotes firmer skin. Rebuild skin density and elasticity, leaving you radiant.

2. Lift sagging skin and reshape youthful contours

In addition to anti-wrinkle and skin beautification. 7d Hifu Machine also has a great lifting effect. The originally loose skin became visibly taut. The double chin has also been greatly improved. It has the effect of thinning the face. Facial contours are reshaped.

3. Comprehensive fine treatment, lifting the skin layer by layer

There are 7 different probes, and the depth of their penetration into the skin is different. According to different skin types and skin problems, choose one of them or use multiple treatment probes in combination for multi-level comprehensive treatment. At the same time combined with the drug after treatment. The lifting effect is accelerated, any small wrinkles are not missed, and the skin is lifted layer by layer from the inside out.

Flaws of 7d Hifu Machine:

After we use it for physical therapy. No immediate noticeable effect. The effect that will appear at that time is actually a slight edema after the machine physiotherapy. There will be a touch of pain in the next 2 to 3 days, and then it will gradually ease.

Its effect generally takes two to three weeks to appear slowly. Its effect needs at least one cycle of cell renewal metabolism to appear slowly. Every 28 days, the cells are refreshed again. Its effect will increase again.

7d Hifu Machine  

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