EMS Facial Mask - The Best Device For Slimming and Firming Skin at Home

  • Saturday, 16 September 2023
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EMS Facial Mask - The Best Device For Slimming and Firming Skin at Home

EMS facial masks are currently trending as one of the best devices to use at home for slimming and firming skin.ems facial mask These specialised products are powered by microcurrent technology, which stimulates muscles to tighten, tone and slim face contours while also encouraging a natural glow in the process. It’s the same technology that’s used to help with muscle rehabilitation after jaw surgery, as well as to reduce atrophy in patients suffering from Bell’s palsy.

The device’s tiny electrical currents mimic the body’s own natural electrical impulses, which charges cells with adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy “currency” that powers muscular function and keeps skin healthy and youthful. The microcurrents boost blood flow to the face and stimulate cell turnover, delivering that natural “glow” and smooth complexion we all crave.

While there are many different EMS face masks on the market, the best option is the highly-hyped FaceGym Medi Lift Mask (which is sold out everywhere). Frankie recommends starting with the Collagen Infusion Serum and Hydro-Bound Hydrating Face Serum before putting on the mask and selecting your preferred workout mode: jaw definer, cheek sculptor or HIIT workout.

After placing the mask on and having a good laugh at how ridiculous you look, the mask does its magic, delivering a hands-free facial workout that works from your jaw to the top of your forehead. The low-frequency EMS stimulator activates, tightens and strengthens the zygomaticus and masseter muscles for a defined jawline and lifted contours in just 10 minutes, while the HIIT workout increases facial blood circulation to the skin’s surface.

Once your face is exercised, you can then move onto the LED treatment and red light therapy for added benefits. The medical-grade LED lights send safe, warm non-UV light directly into the layers of your skin, which accelerates cell turnover and renewal. In turn, this helps to brighten dark spots, even out skin tone and promotes a glowing complexion over time.

The combination of the EMS facial mask, LED and red light therapy makes this Repechage device a one-stop-shop for all your skincare needs. It’s not only safe and effective for all skin types, but also gentle on the skin. However, it’s always best to patch test any new device or treatment beforehand to ensure there are no adverse effects. Simply dab a little of the product on the neck area, wait for 24 hours and check that there is no reaction. If not, you can safely continue with your chosen treatments.

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