Mesotherapy Injector

Mesotherapy Injector

  • Wednesday, 14 December 2022
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Water light needle cosmetology is an injectable skin care therapy. During the operation, the required cosmetic injection is injected into the dermis immediately under the epidermis with the help of a special instrument "Mesotherapy Injector". After injection, it can make the skin moist and bright, hence the name.

Mesotherapy Injector 

What symptoms does Mesotherapy Injector treat?

Applicable symptoms of the water light project include but are not limited to:

1. People with dry skin, fine wrinkles, and look old.

2. The complexion is not very good, and the skin looks dull without makeup.

3. People with naturally dry skin.

4. People with dehydrated skin, especially those who still find it difficult to improve the dehydrated skin condition after the all-around external application of water.

5. People whose skin has begun to age or who want to prevent skin aging.

From the perspective of the essence and injection method of the water light project, there will be slight redness and swelling 1 to 2 days after injection. This is normal and usually goes away on its own within a few days.

Can I use Mesotherapy Injector once to have supple skin?

Everyone's skin is different, just like the land, some are dry and some are moist. When a bucket of water is poured on different grounds, the area that can be wetted and the effect achieved is also different. This is the same as it does in the skin.

If the skin is already very dry, the first injection is only to lay a foundation for future moisturizing. And under normal circumstances, water-light acupuncture requires a course of injections, and a course of treatment requires at least 3 injections to achieve the hydrating effect.

Will Mesotherapy Injector make my skin thinner?

Of course not. Usually, the first course of injection is recommended to be injected every month or so. Subsequent courses of treatment are recommended to be injected at intervals of about 2 months. The injection depth of the water light needle is in the dermis layer of the skin, through physical destruction, it stimulates the regeneration function of the skin barrier. Make the skin start its own repair function. Therefore, it will not make the skin thinner but will increase the thickness of the skin, make it more firm and elastic, and turn it into a younger one.

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