Microneedling Machine

Microneedling Machine

  • Friday, 30 December 2022
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How does the Microneedling Machine work?

Microneedling Machine can achieve sufficient depth. Causes controlled damage to the skin without actually damaging the epidermis. These micro-damages can cause tiny ruptures in the blood vessels under the epidermis, and release various growth factors to promote the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, skin damage enhances the penetration of drugs or active ingredients.

Microneedling Machine 

Needle introduction of Microneedling Machine:

10pin: suitable for dead corners and a streak of stretch marks;

25pin: suitable for face;

64pin: suitable for the body;

Nano: Introduces lifting and tightening.

Microneedling Machine 

Pros and cons:

It is more and more widely used clinically and has the advantages of less trauma, safety, and effectiveness. Its side effects are small and short-lived. Common side effects include local pain, erythema, edema, and local bleeding, which are generally relieved or disappeared within 72 hours. Pigmentation, skin infection, systemic allergies, and other side effects are rare.

What are the applications of the Microneedling Machine?

1. Skin Aging

Micro-needle mesotherapy anti-aging, micro-needle treatment for skin aging patients. Once every two weeks, 6 times in a row. Significant changes were found in both the epidermis and dermis, with increased integrity of the skin layers. In addition, irregular elastin aggregates were reduced and properly aligned elastin fibers increased. These can significantly reduce wrinkles, increase skin tension and elasticity, and improve aging.

2. Stretch marks

The study showed that the amount of collagen, fibroblasts and epidermal thickening increased by 90% in the group of patients who received 3 sessions of micro-needling.

3. Dark circles

Microneedling combined with 10% trichloroacetic acid exfoliation in the treatment of dark circles.

4. Melasma

Studies have shown that micro-needling treatment of chloasma can show the thickening of epithelial cells, reduction of melanin, and denser collagen in the epidermis.

5. Microneedles can promote hair regeneration in alopecia patients by releasing platelet-derived growth factors and epidermal growth factors.


1. Postoperative ice pack

In order to reduce postoperative pain and discomfort and postoperative side effects, cold compresses are required for 15-30 minutes after surgery.

2. Prevent infection when there is a wound, and promote wound healing.

3. Just soak in water for 24 hours after the operation, and rinse with moderate-temperature water. Within 3 days, do not wash with facial cleanser, do not rub the treatment area, do not makeup, and do not use powdery skin care products.

4. Moisturizing and sun protection after surgery

5. Diet

Try to avoid eating photosensitive food and some irritating food within one week after surgery.

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