EMS Sculpting Machine

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What is EMS Sculpting Machine?

EMS Sculpting Machine uses HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles for extreme training. She can deeply reshape the internal structure of muscles. That is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume.

Its 100% limited muscle contraction can trigger fat decomposition, fatty acids are decomposed and released from triglycerides, and accumulate in fat cells. Excessive fatty acid concentration will cause fat cells to undergo apoptosis and be excreted by the body within a few weeks. In order to strengthen and increase muscle, while achieving the effect of fat loss.

EMS Sculpting Machine  


EMS Sculpting Machine  


1. EMS Sculpting Machine adopts continuous cooling technology. So that the treatment handle will not generate high temperatures, greatly improving its output power. makes it work very stable.

2. Compared with the 2.5-3.0 Tesla of ordinary EMS slimming machines. Our products can be adjusted up to 8 Teslas. Perfectly balanced sustained energy output rate. Highly acclaimed.

Who is suitable for EMS Sculpting Machine?

This machine can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Only pregnant women and women with reduced mobility should not be treated. For women who are close to menstruating, periods may come earlier with treatment, or they may have more intense abdominal cramps. Therefore, we advise them to avoid treatment during this period. People cannot receive treatment if they have: metal or electrical implants at the treatment site, pacemaker implants, defibrillator implants, neurostimulator implants, drug pump implants, Malignant swelling, epilepsy, and recent surgery.

Which parts of the body can be used slim beauty machine?

It was approved by FDA, it can improve the muscle lines of the buttocks and abdomen, and also help to promote fat metabolism. The most suitable parts are the abdomen, buttocks, and triceps.

What do users need to prepare for using it?

It's recommended that users wear comfortable clothes so that they can position themselves flexibly in the process.

 Does EMS Sculpting Machine hurt?

The program itself is painless there is no need for anesthesia. Just lie down and use two panels at the same time to apply high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. The feeling during the treatment is best compared to your muscle feeling during intense exercise. it has obtained the dual safety and effectiveness certification of the FDA and CE, and the process is painless and non-invasive.


EMS Sculpting Machine  

EMS Sculpting Machine  

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