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What is Excimer Laser Machine?

Excimer Laser Machine is the most advanced machine for the treatment of Vitiligo, Psoriasis, and Vitiligo. Originally invented in the United States. The 308 nm excimer laser it emits is a kind of excimer laser, that is, xenon chloride (XeCl) excimer laser. It is a continuous pulsed gas laser, its wavelength is in the UVB range, and its pulse width is generally about 10-30 ns.

The excimer laser uses xenon chloride excimer gas to treat diseases by directly irradiating the skin lesion with relevant biological and chemical changes. 308nm is a very special wavelength, which is in the middle of the UVB band and above 300nm.

Clinical studies have shown that 308nm is the best wavelength for inducing T cells, so it has a very good effect on treating diseases involving T cells (such as psoriasis). 308nm is the wavelength with the deepest penetration in the UVB band, the deepest penetration reaches 1.5mm, and can treat deep lesions.

Excimer Laser Machine  


Excimer Laser Machine  

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Advantages of Excimer Laser Machine

1. Safe and no damage.

Aiming at the cause of the disease, it goes directly to the lesion without any damage to the healthy skin.

2. Wide range of applications.

For patients who are not suitable for melanin implantation, patients who are not suitable for taking drugs, pregnant women, and children, the quasi-fractional laser is the first choice.

3. The treatment time is short.

The treatment time is 3-5 times shorter than traditional instruments.

4. High cure rate.

308nm Excimer Laser Machine has a cure rate of over 90%.

Adaptation crowd of Excimer Laser Machine

The curative effect of laser treatment varies with the location and age of onset. The Xtrac Excimer Laser Therapy System is best suited for:

1. The face, neck, trunk, and limbs have better curative effect;

2. The curative effect is better for patients with vitiligo who are younger than 18 years old and who are physically weak;

3. The light beam has no harm to pregnant women, so it is suitable for pregnant women;

4. Xtrac excimer laser treatment system is effective for advanced vitiligo.

Applicable patients:

1. Patients with early-stage vitiligo

2. Patients with acral, segmental, vulgar, follicular, and localized types of vitiligo

3. Patients who have been plagued by vitiligo for a long time

4. Patient with recurrence after vitiligo treatment

5. Children with vitiligo

Excimer Laser Machine  

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