Fractional Laser Machine

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What is a Fractional Laser Machine?

The Fractional Laser Machine is a cosmetic instrument for removing acne scars. With super pulse and laser scanning output function. It can quickly and accurately perform various fine laser operations and is suitable for human body plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. It uses its unique wavelength of 10600nm laser, which has high light energy density and an extremely small divergence angle. Through the light guide system, the conversion of the hand tool, and the laser of different patterns is transmitted, which is suitable for cutting, gasification, and coagulation operations. Surface repair for exfoliative surgery.

Fractional Laser Machine  


Fractional Laser Machine  

Working Principle

The Fractional Laser Machine can effectively fight aging skin, wrinkles, and acne scars. The perfect combination of modes such as "Large Pore Removal Matrix", "Full Face Wrinkle Removal Matrix", and "Full Face Scar Removal Matrix". The ultra-fine laser penetrates directly into the dermis, vaporizing the tissue at the wrinkle or scar in an instant. Then start a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement. The fresh collagen reproduces and regenerates immediately, making the skin firm and shiny, and restoring its elasticity. At the same time, the skin tissue that is not affected will act as a thermal diffusion area to avoid possible thermal damage and accelerate skin healing.

Treatment Method

1. Operators and patients should wear protective glasses to prevent their eyes from being damaged by laser

1. Avoid sunlight before surgery

2. Before surgery, it must be thoroughly cleaned and the treatment area must be disinfected to prevent infection

3. Anesthesia during surgery should be determined according to the treatment site, the size of the area, and whether the area is sensitive and painful to the touch. Anesthesia generally only needs to use surface anesthesia, local anesthesia is not necessary

4. For the parameter setting during treatment, experimental treatment should be done first. Generally, 2-3 test spots should be done. At the same time, the parameters should be adjusted according to the patient's clinical manifestation and treatment site. After the energy test achieves the best results Before a comprehensive treatment can be carried out.

5. After each treatment, follow the doctor's advice, and the patient will be protected.

Clinical considerations

1. After treatment, be careful not to smoke, drink alcohol and eat spicy food

2. The treatment interval is determined by the doctor's advice

3. No wet water within 24 hours after treatment

4. Exposure to the sun is prohibited within 7 days after treatment, and sun protection must be strictly done for 3 months after treatment

5. In general, the effect of treatment is related to the inflammatory response and energy density after skin damage. A higher energy density will produce a better effect and a greater inflammatory response, and at the same time, the degree of epidermal damage will be greater. During the treatment process, start with conservative treatment and gradually increase the energy density until satisfactory results are obtained


Fractional Laser Machine  

Fractional Laser Machine  

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