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What is Mesotherapy Injector?

Mesotherapy Injector is a special instrument for injectable skin care therapy - the water light needle project. Skin becomes hydrated and bright after injection. Its professional name is called mesotherapy. It is to inject the required nutrients into the dermis immediately under the epidermis through a syringe. Our daily skin care products also contain various nutrients, but they can only be applied to the epidermis of the skin. Therefore, the water light needle can be understood as an advanced version of skin care products, from the epidermis to the dermis, the supply of various nutrients is more powerful and the effect is better.

Mesotherapy Injector  


Mesotherapy Injector  

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Choice of Mesotherapy Injector Injection

The basic water light injection is to inject hyaluronic acid, which plays the role of replenishing water and removing wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a kind of mucopolysaccharide, which widely exists in the interstitium of animal tissues and the vitreous body of the eye. Its main physiological function is water retention and lubrication. The moisture level of the skin is closely related to the content of hyaluronic acid. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, which weakens the skin's water retention function and causes wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid used for water light injection should be hyaluronic acid with a small molecular weight and a low degree of cross-linking or no cross-linking.

The second method is to directly inject kinetic energy-based water-light needles. What is kinetic energy, in layman's terms, is to fight what is needed. For example, the water-light needle of a certain European brand contains vitamins, amino acids, serine, and other nutrients needed by the skin. These types of hydrating needles usually give better results than the basic ones, although they are also more expensive.

The third type is the salmon we often hear, and some people call it baby needles. Salmon's water light needle contains nutrients extracted from salmon, which can promote and repair skin regeneration and metabolism, and is suitable for young and old skin.

There are also collagen and botulinum toxins... In short, the principle of water-light injection is similar to that of choosing skin care products, each takes what it needs. For example, if the pores are large, oily, red, and sensitive, you can choose basic hyaluronic acid + salmon + botox to improve.

Maintenance time

After the hyaluronic acid injected using the mesotherapy injector enters the dermis, it hydrates the cells. It can promote blood microcirculation and the skin's absorption of nutrients, and hyaluronic acid itself will be diluted and absorbed. Therefore, the duration of hydro light injection is limited, and multiple injections are generally required in order to achieve good results.

The absorption and metabolism time after injection varies from person to person. The short course of water light injection is 3 times, and the long course is 5 times. According to the different skin conditions of beauty seekers and the demands of the beauty seekers, a personalized plan can be formulated. If the skin is very dry, more frequent injections are required in the near future. For example, once a month. Just like a dry land, it is necessary to irrigate frequently to improve the state of the soil. If the skin condition is better, it can be injected once every three or four months.

According to clinical observation, people who are thinner have faster absorption after injection, older people have faster metabolism after injection than young people, and the maintenance time is shorter.

In addition, drinking alcohol will speed up blood circulation, and the loss of hyaluronic acid will be faster. Staying up late will lead to skin dehydration and a large amount of hyaluronic acid loss.

People with dry skin and neglected skin care can maintain it for a shorter period of time, and the maintenance time of water light injection is related to the number of injections received.         

The operation flow of the Mesotherapy Injector

Clean the facial skin before injection to remove dust and makeup. Do not touch the injection site with water within 24 hours after surgery, and do not massage within a week. Because the hyaluronic acid injected into the dermis has very good water absorption and water retention ability. The skin is the most sensitive after hydro light injection, and some patients may experience relatively dry skin, so the daily care of the skin is particularly important during the postoperative recovery period. Intensive hydrating and moisturizing care is required. It is best to drink more than 1500ml of water a day and use a medical sterile repair mask continuously within a week to help the skin absorb hyaluronic acid better. Wear sunscreen after surgery and avoid strong light shining on the injection site.

Mesotherapy Injector  

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