Mesotherapy Machine

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Our latest Mesotherapy Machine uses the principle of radio frequency and hydro-acupuncture. Set two functions in one. It is an essential machine for your facial skincare and beauty. The machine has a simple shape, not only can decompose nutrients at a high speed and enter the deep layer of the skin to make the skin more delicate. It also superimposes a variety of energies in an all-around way and converges into one body, one machine with multiple effects. The RF wave is upgraded to activate collagen reorganization and regeneration in the deep layer of the skin. It can precisely repair and replenish water, and make your skin firmer and firmer layer by layer.

Mesotherapy Machine  


Mesotherapy Machine  

How does Mesotherapy Machine work?

It is mainly through the principle of high-pressure injection or the principle of high-speed injection. In the special sterile hand light injection device, through rapid pressurization, the liquid in the column can be ejected at high speed, reaching a state of the subsonic speed of more than 200 meters per second. At the level of high-pressure injection, it can break through our stratum corneum, allowing us to inject these ingredients into the liquid to reach the epidermis.

What is the function of the Mesotherapy Machine?

Mesotherapy handle: The ultra-high-speed airflow passes through the particle generator to instantly decompose the nutrients into hundreds of millions of fine particles, and then the particle accelerator accelerates the nutrient particles to supersonic speed, instantly breaking kin through to the deep layers of the skin.

RE handle: The RE electric wave is transmitted to the superficial, middle, and deep layers of the skin to activate collagen reorganization and regeneration to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening.

When is it not appropriate to use the Mesotherapy Machine?

1. If a prosthesis is used at the surgical site, it is recommended to avoid this area when manipulating the instrument.

2. Women's menstrual period is not recommended.

3. Please inform the operation area whether hyaluronic acid and collagen have been injected in the past six months.

4. It is not recommended for patients with severe heart disease and patients with cardiac pacemakers to undergo surgery.

5. Avoid wounds or purulent acne sites during the operation.

6. It is not recommended to use when the skin is inflamed or allergic.

7. Although it has not been proven that the device is harmful to pregnant women, it is not recommended for pregnant women to use it.

8. The instrument cannot operate on the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, upper eyelids, Adam's apple, etc.

Cautions after surgery

1. Strengthen the moisturizing and sun protection of the operation site.

2. It is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask every day within three days of use.

3. Eat less spicy food within three days, do not recommend smoking, drinking, or staying up late.


Mesotherapy Machine  

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