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The PDT Machine has 573 lamp beads, red yellow, and blue three light sources, and seven light-emitting modes (three monochromatic light. 4 mixed light). Three special wavelength light sources present matrix arrangement, directly illuminate skin and restore the natural vitality of skin cells, beauty, and skincare. 25 minutes of phototherapy mode, the product is free to bend and adjust, and the ergonomic design is used to suit the use of the body.

PDT Machine  


PDT Machine  

How does PDT Machine work?

Photodynamic therapy (Photodynamic Therapy, PDT) is a new technology that uses photodynamic effects for disease diagnosis and treatment. Its basis is the photodynamic effect. This is a photosensitization reaction accompanied by biological effects involving oxygen molecules. The process is that the photosensitizer absorbed by the tissue is excited by the laser irradiation of a specific wavelength, and the photosensitizer in the excited state transfers energy to the surrounding oxygen to generate highly active singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen undergoes an oxidation reaction with adjacent biomacromolecules, resulting in cytotoxicity, which in turn leads to cell damage and even death. Clinical applications include aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy, hemoporfin photodynamic therapy, hematoporphyrin photodynamic therapy, etc.

Application of PDT Machine

1. Treats acne

It can directly and effectively kill Propionibacterium acnes. At the same time, after irradiation with light of a specific wavelength, it can cause reversible damage to the sebaceous glands. Effective treatment of moderate to severe acne, with significant curative effect, no systemic side effects, low recurrence rate, and other advantages.

2. Treatment of port wine stains

The second generation of new photosensitizer (hemoprotein) is injected into the body through an intravenous route. Immediately after intravenous injection, a peak concentration is formed in the blood. And it is rapidly absorbed by vascular endothelial cells, while the absorption of epidermal cells is still very little. Therefore, the distribution of the photosensitizer forms a significant concentration difference between the vascular endothelial cells and the epidermal cells. At this time, light irradiation of a specific wavelength that penetrates the superficial surface and can be selectively absorbed by vascular endothelial cells is given. Hemporfin produces phototoxic substances such as singlet oxygen and selectively destroys the expanded and deformed capillary network in the affected area rich in heparin. However, the normal epidermis covering the expanded deformed capillary network was not damaged because it did not contain hemoprotein. The normal deep dermis tissue located under the dilated deformed capillary network is protected because the laser light penetrates shallowly and it is difficult to achieve an effective excitation amount.

What are the side effects of the PDT Machine?

The main adverse reaction is photosensitivity reaction. Within a few days after treatment, patients may experience local temporary reactive edema at the treatment site. It may also cause some discomfort, such as pain in the chest, back, or abdomen. Other possible side effects such as fever and constipation. All of these vary according to the specific lesion site and condition to be treated, but generally, they are not serious and last for a short time, and most of them can be relieved by routine treatment.

Generally speaking, the side effects of photodynamic therapy can be said to be very mild. Skin photosensitivity can be completely prevented by avoiding light, and photodynamic therapy will not damage the functions of the hematopoietic system and immune system. All of these are very beneficial to the patient's treatment and life.

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PDT Machine  

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