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What is Pico Laser Machine?

Pico Laser Machine can fire powerful energy laser in a very short time. Through the photo shock effect, the pigment particles are shattered and metabolized more easily. Thereby improving pigmented skin, especially for tattoos, has absolute advantages. At the same time, it starts skin repair by itself, promotes the renewal and proliferation of collagen, and achieves the effects of removing pigment, whitening and rejuvenating the skin, improving fine lines, and refining the skin texture.


Pico Laser Machine  

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Why is it called Pico Laser Machine?

In the earliest days, the picosecond was a unit of time and was first used in the field of astronomy. (1 second = 1000 milliseconds = 1000000 microseconds = 1000000000 nanoseconds = 1 trillion picoseconds). In the beauty industry, pico is actually the abbreviation of picosecond laser. Refers to the time the light hits the skin and stays on the skin. In academic terms, the pulse duration (pulse width) of light emission reaches the level of picoseconds.

Main Function

1. Powerful treatment of pigments

Generally, laser works mainly by heat, and high heat in an instant can treat melanin and melanocytes. In addition to thermal effects, lasers also produce mechanical effects/photoacoustic effects. With picosecond lasers, this mechanical effect is even more pronounced. It's like a flexible rubber product that becomes a bullet when it is shot from the barrel of a gun, which will cause damage. The picosecond strong blasting effect can crush large pigment particles into fine particles, which is beneficial to the metabolism of pigment particles.

Therefore, picosecond tattoo removal has absolute advantages, but it does not solve the problem once or twice and can obtain better results with fewer times.

It should be pointed out that the pigments of spots are not exactly the same as those of tattoos. The pigments of spots involve multiple links such as synthesis/distribution/metabolism and are affected by many factors in the body. Different stains vary widely. Pico laser machine works great for pigmentation, but complex pigmentation disorders like melasma are not so magical.

2. Rejuvenate skin and lighten scars

The picosecond laser uses focusing technology to further amplify the laser energy dozens of times, which will cause laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB) in the dermis. In other words, the laser creates a sensation of splitting time and space in the dermis, creating a vacuole, while the epidermis has no obvious damage.

This can safely stimulate collagen regeneration and rearrangement. Utilizing this effect can be used for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. This is similar to the non-ablative fractional laser (Fraxel) effect, but the pain and redness are much lighter. It is especially suitable for those who want to secretly become beautiful without holidays.

Possible reactions after using the Pico Laser Machine

1. invalid

This situation is mainly caused by too single a treatment mode or an incorrect treatment plan. The reason for this is the influence of choosing a doctor's technique. A doctor who is not skilled enough often deviates from the actual situation of the beauty seeker when formulating a plan. As a result, the formulated plan deviates from the direction of treatment, resulting in ineffective surgery.

2. More spots

In the case of unqualified operating technology. May stimulate the growth of deep-seated melasma. If sunscreen care is not done well after the operation, the chloasma will become more and more serious. Facial pigmentation will deepen, directly affecting the color of facial skin.

3. Anti-black

Anti-triad is a situation in that only some people will appear. It often occurs before and after the scab falls off. Don't worry about this phenomenon, it will usually recover after a month. Remember to pay attention to sun protection when going out.

4. Redness

There may be redness after the picosecond treatment, which will subside within 24 hours after applying the mask.

5. Scab

If you do blasting to remove freckles, there will be skin lesions and scabs. Usually, the scabs will fall off within a week.

Machine Features

Our Pico Laser Machine is equipped with three wavelengths of 1064nm, 532nm, and 785nm. It has the world's shortest pulse width - a unique 300ps ultra-fast pulse width, the shorter the pulse width, the greater the instantaneous energy peak. Therefore, the instantaneous energy of picoseconds will be thousands of times that of normal Q-switched lasers. Compared with other traditional lasers and picosecond lasers, the speed and energy are increased by 20-90 times respectively, which can reduce the thermal damage caused by traditional laser treatment. . And turn the melanin into a dust state, which can be safely and quickly metabolized out of the body.

Because it has three wavelengths, the treatment range is wider. More skin concerns are addressed more effectively. Can wash off more colored tattoos. The tattoos that were decided impulsively at that time can almost be washed off. Super pico seconds can remove acne scars and smooth wrinkles at the same time. From the core technology point of view, super picosecond uses an array of holographic lenses to focus micro-beams. The holographic lattice technology can make the energy distribution of the beam more uniform and the effect on the skin more uniform. Indications: Chloasma, enlarged pores, pigmentation, freckle removal, whitening, skin tone improvement, acne marks, tattoo removal, etc. ​​​​​​

Pico Laser Machine  

Pico Laser Machine  

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