Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

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What is the Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine works with a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 808nm as the light source. It can effectively penetrate deep enough to reach the target tissue (dermal papilla). Appropriate pulse duration ensures sufficient thermal damage to the target tissue while the surrounding tissue is hardly affected. An appropriate amount of energy density ensures that the energy output is strong enough to damage the target tissue within an appropriate time, while normal tissue is hardly affected. Appropriate epidermal protection measures ensure sufficient damage to the target tissue. The epidermis is hardly affected, thus ensuring the safety of the treatment. While meeting the above design requirements, the multi-pulse laser of the semiconductor hair removal series heats the hair follicles to above 75°C in the mode of lower energy density and maintains it for a period of time (in the state of 10HZ) through the sliding of the treatment handpiece. , so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine  


Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine  

Steps to use The Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine:

Usually 3-5 times a session 4-6 weeks between each treatment. The effectiveness and number of treatments numbers required depend on the individual's hair colors, unique properties, and growth phase, and may vary from person to person.

-Clean skin

Should shave the unwanted hair first. Because the dark colored hair is easy to absorb energy absorption may result in skin burning more or less

-Spread the cooling gel to the treatment area before treatment, about 3mm thickness; and scrape the gel 20 minutes later after the treatment.

Setting parameter:

From low to high to test it can be increasing the value, according to the actual condition of the patients generally, the best treatment results are stinging sensation under the tissue, which is acceptable.

-Wear glasses for operator and client

Touch the work button on-screen and press the button on the handpiece to start the operation

-After treatment, clean the crystal on the handpiece.

Will one laser hair removal treatment remove hair completely?

A single session of laser hair removal does not remove all hair. Because the hair has three growth stages, namely active period, transition period, and rest period. Laser hair removal treatments only act on the hair follicle cells at the root of the active phase, permanently depriving the hair follicle cells of their ability to grow. For hair that is in transition or resting phase, the laser cannot directly reach the hair follicle cells, so the hair can only be removed temporarily.

How many treatments with the Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine are needed?

When using laser hair removal treatments. Due to the different growth stages of the hair, one treatment cannot completely remove the hair, and several treatments are required. Generally speaking, a full course of laser hair removal requires 3-5 treatments. The interval between each treatment is 4-6 weeks. The effectiveness and number of treatments needed depend on the individual's hair color, unique attributes, and growth stage, and may vary from individual to individual.

Is the Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine right for everyone?

People with the following conditions should not undergo laser hair removal treatment: allergic predisposition or scar predisposition, hepatitis/syphilis/skin infection, blood disorders, coagulation disorders, menstrual periods, recent use of vasodilators/joint pain medications, predisposition to bleaching keloids Those who are allergic, have received other hair removal methods within 6 weeks, and have dark skin.

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Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine  

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