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What are Skin Analysis Machines?

Skin Analysis Machines is through super high pixel camera. Irradiate with various light sources to take all-around shots of the human face. Using advanced optical imaging and soft-kernel technology for image analysis, various parameters of human skin can be accurately obtained, such as spots, pores, wrinkles, porphyrins, pigmentation, photoaging, skin plumpness, subcutaneous blood vessels, pigmented lesions, etc. Widely used in clinical treatment. In recent years, with the development of the cosmetics industry, it has gradually been used in cosmetic efficacy evaluation and other fields.

Skin Analysis Machines  

What are the applications of Skin Analysis Machines?

1. Whitening item

It can present the results of skin analysis in the form of an absolute score, percentage value, number of spots, and face photos. Quantitative analysis and visual comparison of facial spots before and after cosmetic use. Combined with the change of melanin, the whitening products are multifaceted, intuitive, and quantified to evaluate the whitening efficacy.

2. Moisturizing, anti-aging

Moisturizing and anti-aging effects are analyzed by analyzing wrinkles and textures. The moisturizing state of the skin can be reflected in detail. It has good guiding significance for beauty items such as moisturizing and anti-aging.

3. Shrink pores

Using multi-spectral imaging technology, it can capture the skin pores. Visual image data etc. can be provided for beauty items such as smooth skin.

4. Observation of skin flora

Can reflect the presence of some bacteria. You can see the skin in different parts from the picture, especially the T-zone will have fluorescence. These are actually metabolites called "porphyrins" produced by bacteria that live in the hair follicles. Porphyrin has certain photosensitive properties, and can effectively release singlet oxygen under the action of ultraviolet or visible light. For example, P. acnes shows brick-red highlights, and Malassezia folliculitis causes bluish-white fluorescence.

Skin Analysis Machines  

How do Skin Analysis Machines work?

The principle of optical imaging technology is used. The technology of RBX and software can also help to make and analyze the pores and facial conditions of the epidermis, the skin texture of the clear face, and the lesions of subcutaneous blood vessels and pigments produced after ultraviolet radiation. It can make a reasonable skin care plan according to the moisture and elasticity indicators in human skin, and choose suitable skin care products for skin problems.

Test content

1. Most of them can measure the oiliness, moisture, pore size, skin age, and other conditions of the skin. However, the items detected by different skin detectors are not the same. But generally speaking, the moisture and elasticity of the skin can be measured, and more advanced instruments can also measure more items.

2. Use the surface detection function of the polarized lens. It can conveniently and clearly detect and analyze the texture characteristics of the skin surface, the state of oil secretion, the phenomenon of moisturizing and drying, the size of pores, black and white acne, the depth of wrinkles, etc.

3. Adjust the deep detection and analysis function of the polarized lens. It can clearly detect and analyze the pigmentation state of the lower layer of the skin, which provides a reliable basis for the identification of the attributes of the spots. At the same time, it can also conduct more extensive academic detection and analysis of skin moisture loss, subcutaneous capillary dilation (sensitive skin), and professional skin research.

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Skin Analysis Machines  

Skin Analysis Machines  

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