Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine

Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine precisely applies the fiber optic energy of a specific wavelength to capillaries and veins. Under the premise of not destroying normal skin. Seal abnormally dilated capillaries and veins, and break down hemoglobin and pigment groups. To achieve the purpose of removing red blood and spider veins, the effect is very obvious. At the same time, it can also whiten, rejuvenate and remove freckles. The cosmetic effect is relatively comprehensive, and there is no trauma.

The 980nm laser spider vein removal machine is a way to remove red blood and spider veins with visible results. Fiber optic energy of a specific wavelength is used to transmit below the surface of the skin. And can be strongly absorbed by blood vessels. Sufficient thermal damage to diseased blood vessels, dynamic cooling system. Fully cool the epidermis to ensure that the epidermis can be protected during treatment. In the process of removing red blood filaments, sufficient safety and comfort are ensured, and the effect is ideal.

It is non-contact therapy. It can remove spider web red blood filaments, thread red blood filaments, and spider veins.