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What are Skin Tightening Machines?

There are many types of Skin Tightening Machines, and the most cost-effective one should be the two-in-one machine of radio frequency + micro needling. It not only has the repairing and stimulating effect of microneedles. It also has various basic beauty functions such as skin tightening and wrinkle removal through radio frequency. Due to its relatively low price and rich beauty functions, it has become one of the most popular beauty devices.

Skin Tightening Machines  


Skin Tightening Machines  

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It adopts the ingenious combination of microneedle and radio frequency. During the treatment, the doctor adjusts the penetration depth and radio frequency energy according to the micro-targeted problem and the treatment site. Then under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulated microneedles simultaneously penetrate the epidermis, emitting radio frequency energy from the microcrystalline tip. Quit quickly and let them go round and round until the treatment is over and finish with the beauty ingredients.

What are the benefits of Skin Tightening Machines?

1. Eliminate wrinkles

Collagen fibers in the dermis will shrink immediately at 55°C-70°C. Radiofrequency can thicken the dermis of the skin, and the wrinkles will become lighter or disappear. Thereby lifting the skin and improving relaxation.

2. Produce new collagen

Stimulate the dermis of the skin to secrete more collagen fibers, reshape the form of subcutaneous collagen, and produce new collagen.

3. Treatment of stretch marks

Radiofrequency waves can penetrate the base of the epidermis and heat the collagen fibers of the dermis to 55°C-65°C. Collagen fibers contract and the skin in the stretch mark area is pulled taut. At the same time, collagen hyperplasia repairs the aging and damaged collagen layer to achieve the purpose of reducing stretch marks.

4. Lean muscle

If the effect is deep, invasive radiofrequency can accelerate fat metabolism through high-power treatment. It has a certain shaping effect on the body to achieve the purpose of reducing fat and shaping.

5. Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle

It can stimulate the recombination and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers under the dermis, making the skin firmer, and at the same time, it can also supplement the nutrients needed by the deep layer to achieve the effect of beauty and skin rejuvenation.

What kind of symptoms can use Skin Tightening Machines?

1. Wrinkle: fishtail, lines forehead, wrinkles, neck lines, wrinkles

2. Facial rejuvenation, lift & tighten

3. Pregnancy pattern removal, striae distensae

4. Pore bulky

5. Skin bleak

6. Anti redness

7. Whiten_skin

8. Acne scar

9. Depressions scars

10. Regular skin maintenance



1. After treatment, in order to repair the skin, apply moisturizer and repair products sooner or later.

2. After the scab, and need to fall off naturally, should not be stripped off by hand.

You need to apply sunscreen and avoid direct UV rays.

3. Don't have intense exercise and swimming, sauna, and so on  in the short period 

4. Prohibit intake of alcohol in a short period of time, alcohol will make the phenomenon of redness last long, and not conducive to the repair, it is proposed to prohibit.

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Skin Tightening Machines  

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