RF Microneedling Machine

RF Microneedling Machine is a brand new medical beauty machine. That is, the innovative segmented microneedle radiofrequency therapy is adopted. Put the microneedle on the epidermis to open the microchannel. Then RF (radio wave) directly acts on the dermis to release radiofrequency heat energy, which promotes the production of collagen and promotes the reorganization of elastic fibers. Improves the treatment of dimpled damaged skin. Such as bump holes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, enlarged pores, sagging skin, acne marks, and other symptoms, the effect is remarkable.

Compared to technologies such as conventional lasers or RF (radio waves). Segmented micro needling RF technology requires fewer treatments, less trauma to the skin, and shorter recovery periods. Long-term results can be obtained with a single treatment (the number of treatments required varies according to the condition of the skin).