Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Laser Hair Removal Machine is a kind of laser therapy machine. It works when the laser light reaches the irradiated target tissue. The thermal relaxation time of different tissues is different. Different tissues have different absorption coefficients for irradiated laser light. This causes the tissue to respond differently to laser irradiation. Then one can choose the appropriate laser parameters to form "selective photothermolysis" at the hair follicle. That is to say, under the irradiation of the laser, the hair follicles are irreversibly damaged without harming normal tissues.

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology. People also have more means and methods in pursuit of beauty. More people are also starting to pay attention to their body hair. For beauty, many people use the most primitive physical hair removal method. Not only can the growth recur, but it can also cause pain or other problems. The emergence of the Laser Hair Removal Machine. Can help you relieve pain and get rid of hair more than once in a planned way. Thus making permanent hair removal a hope!